3 Luggage Innovations that Changed Travel

People have always longed for adventure—despite the hassles of traveling. In the early days, travel required a lot of lugging: bags were heavy, transportation was slow, and tickets were expensive. Luckily, luggage is evolving and innovations in the industry are making modern trips easier.


The Flat-Top Trunk:
Before Louis Vuitton was known for his luxury logo, he was a luggage innovator in the era of steamship travel. His revolutionary flat-top trunk saved space by smartly stacking in cargo holds and kept passenger’s belongings from being crushed and water logged in ship hulls.  As the style became the new standard, the market flooded with imitations but the brand set itself apart with Vuitton’s signature styles (like his monogram pattern), high-quality construction, and continual innovations (like the first serial lock, which let travelers open multiple pieces of luggage with a single key).

The Roller-Board Wheel:
Bags with wheels may have appeared as early as the Crusades (all those swords, chainmail, and grails can get heavy!) and in the mid-1800’s when a British colonel, inspired by an elephant-drawn cart, put wheels on a trunk. Unfortunately for the Colonel,men argued his “Traveling Carry-All, Omni-Conveyance, Bewheeled” was too feminine and his patent was rejected. For years rolling luggage didn’t catch on but, as planes became popular, travelers had to carry their own bags long distances instead of having it immediately loaded for them by a porter. So finally, in the 1970’s, pilot Robert Plath patented a design that suck: a four wheel roller-board that enabled trunks to roll upright for the first time and the wheel stuck.

Various traveling luggage on white background

The wheel gave rise to what we think of as the “modern” suitcase decades ago. In 1993 we got the collapsible towing handle and, apparently, the suitcase-bike is gaining popularity in China. “New” materials like plastics have enabled us to play with luggage structure and durability too. Functionally, however, luggage has remained about the same. Which begs the question, has anything truly revolutionized luggage since the wheel?

The Smart Suitcase:
As a modern traveler, you have to navigate to a new place as well as Airline restrictions and security hurdles. You’re more likely to pay hidden fees, get stalled in a security check, and need power on-the-go. Still, the drive for adventure is there and travelers want to explore more freely. Luckily, luggage finally caught up to the modern age and it’s making trips even smoother.

The next generation of gear is evolving, thanks to creative technology, with the traveler’s experience in mind. Bags embedded with digital technology are capable of amazing things. Tens of thousands of travelers are already carrying on the first generation of smart cases. They can be controlled remotely from your smartphone and come with technology to track your bag, outlets to charge your devices, a built-in scale, and secure remote digital lock. Some say technology has taken one small step for luggage, one giant leap for travelers. We just say it’s the beginning of the next big thing.

Watch bags change before your eyes in “The Evolution of Luggage” !


Bluesmart Brings Innovation to the Travel Goods Show and Wins the Best Booth Award!

This week we packed our Bluesmarts to showcase our first product alongside some of the biggest brands in travel at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

pano of booth

Over the course of the week we were inspired by companies, new and old, who share our passion for exploration. It was thrilling to connect with leaders who are excited to push the boundaries of modern travel with Bluesmart. The incredibly positive reaction to our product was confirmation that what we’re doing is really special in this big and growing industry.

happy customers

“It was fantastic to see the reactions to our product from people in the international travel goods industry. We received a lot of congratulatory and encouraging words for our innovation from veterans in the industry. We are proud and humbled to bring technology and new ideas to one of the largest industries in the world. Being at the Travel Show will help us bring our products to many more travelers worldwide and that makes us very excited.” — Diego Saez-Gil, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluesmart.

Throughout the week we had the opportunity to swap stories with an incredible variety of businesses and travelers—from luxury jet-setters to budget backpackers, road trippers to flight hoppers, solo explorers to group adventurers. It was fascinating to hear that, no matter the purpose or destination, all these world travelers had a common experience: unexpected hassles along their journeys. Emily, just the day before, had her luggage stolen from the airport carousel. John reminisced about his first trips in the 1970’s when checked bags were free and size didn’t matter. Everyone had a story to tell and could easily relate to a Bluesmart feature that would have helped them avoid the hassles and get back to enjoy the journey. It was thrilling to see so many people who are excited about Bluesmart and need the features we’ve created. Despite every bump in the road, they are fueled by their passion for exploration and we are excited to power their trips.

The show ended Thursday on a high note when five TGS organizers (appropriately dressed in blue) came over to announce that Bluesmart won the award for “Best Booth” at the International Travel Goods Show! This was a great honor for our whole team and we are so proud of our design team who put an incredible amount of clever creativity into the space.

Best Booth Award

Now that we’re back, the office is a-buzz and we are maintaining the momentum! Always looking forward, we are inspired to innovate in 2016, plan incredible things for the coming years, and imagine what the next, next generation of luggage may do decades from now.

Thank you to everyone at TGS who shared this inspiring week with us! If you didn’t make it out and are curious about the future of luggage check out our video “The Evolution of Luggage.” 

Bluesmart Visits the President of Argentina

This week we were honored to meet with the President of Argentina in the executive chambers of the “Casa Rosada” (“Pink House”). The newly inaugurated President Mauricio Macri wanted to hear the story of Bluesmart first-hand from our founders, Tomi Pierucci and Diego Saez-Gil: two Argentinean entrepreneurs who are making a unique, global impact on the travel industry and Argentina. So we took a plane to Buenos Aires to visit him in person.

The President and his Bluesmart

When Tomi and Diego arrived, they shared the origin story of our company; our dreams of creating a global brand; our desire to bring true innovations to the market; and our purpose to inspire and empower people from all over the world to explore our planet. The President graciously congratulated them on our progress and aspirations.

President Macri and our founders both see technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation as fundamental drivers of modern economies. President Macri wants to support Argentina’s special position as a hub of creativity and engineering in the connected world economy. We told him about our new office in Buenos Aires and our ambitious plans to expand our R&D team there. Argentina, the second largest county in South America, is bursting with talent and we are proud to be creating high-value new jobs for the country. Diego and Tomi invited him to visit our Headquarters in San Francisco, California, and introduce him to our friends in Silicon Valley who are working on cutting edge innovations (such as our partners at Y Combinator, Uber and Airbnb).

Finally The President told us that he loves his new Bluesmart—he even said the look and feel can easily compete with a Versace! He gave us thoughtful product feedback and some very clever product ideas. Like a remote alarm that sounds when the suitcase is lost—great idea Mr. President!

Bluesmart Founders Meet with the President of Argentina

We are honored that Bluesmart now has the blessing of a nation’s President and we are more excited than ever to continue innovating and generating a positive impact in Argentina and around the world.

Bluesmart Abrirá Centro de Desarrollo de Tecnología en Argentina

Estamos muy felices de compartir una noticia que nos ilusiona muchísimo. Con Bluesmart hemos decidido abrir una oficina de desarrollo de Software y Tecnología en Argentina, nuestro país de origen. Contrataremos y entrenaremos ingenieros de software y diseñadores, y desde allí crearemos tecnología y productos de avanzada continuando la innovación de nuestro primer producto.

Bluesmart creó la primera valija inteligente del mundo con talento Argentino distribuido por el mundo. En 2o13 Tomi y Diego coincidimos en Nueva York adonde nuestros previos emprendimiento nos habían llevado. En un café hablamos de la idea y dibujamos un sketch en un papel. Seguidamente convocamos a Alejo Verlini quien se encontraban en Buenos Aires, creando diseño industrial para clientes de todo el mundo, a Martin Diz, originario de Neuquén, quien se encontraba haciendo su doctorado en ingeniería aeroespacial en la Universidad de Buffalo y trabajando en proyectos para la NASA, y a Brian quien estaba haciendo su MBA en MIT en Boston. El destino nos juntó y permitió que juntos inventemos un producto verdaderamente innovador con el potencial de revolucionar una industrial a nivel mundial. Creímos en tener el potencial de crear un invento que cambie el mundo.

En 2014 lanzamos desde Nueva York, a través de una campaña de financiamiento colectivo. El proyecto fue publicado en cientos de medios de comunicación de todo el mundo, incluyendo el New York Times, Forbes, Washington Post entre otros. Más de un millón de personas visitaron nuestra campaña y cientos de miles lo compartieron en redes sociales. Como resultado conseguimos más de 2 millones de dolares provenientes de más 10,000 personas de 110 países. Seguidamente fuimos seleccionados por Y Combinator, la aceleradora de startups tecnológicos más prestigiosa del mundo, y mudamos la empresa a Silicon Valley, California. Poco tiempo después decidimos abrir una oficina de operaciones en Hong Kong, para estar cerca de nuestros socios de fabricación en Shenzhen, China, el polo principal de la fabricación de alta tecnología del mundo. En poco tiempo nos habíamos instalado a los dos centros máximos de innovación del planeta. Hoy hemos fabricados más de 15,000 unidades y estamos vendiendo a través de prestigiosas tiendas como el MoMA Design Store, Brookstone y Strandbags entre otras. Adicionalmente hemos conseguido 11 millones de dolares de inversión de parte de inversores de Silicon Valley.

Todos estos logros nos ponen muy orgullosos, pero aún estamos en el día uno de esta historia que tiene un potencial gigantesco. Por eso, nos entusiasma mucho hacer que Argentina, nuestro país de origen, sea parte de los capítulos que se vienen en esta historia. En 2016 abriremos una oficina en Buenos Aires y buscaremos a los mejores ingenieros y diseñadores de software del país. Desde allí crearemos tecnología de punta, en colaboración con nuestros equipos en California y en China, avanzando la innovación que ya comenzamos. Creemos en el potencial del talento Argentino y en nuestra capacidad de crear innovación de nivel mundial. Lo mejor está por venir!

Si conocés gente apasionada y talentosa que quiera ser parte de una historia de innovación global contales de esta oportunidad. Aquí están los puestos que ya estamos contratando!

Bluesmart is Looking for the Best Talent of Argentina

Bluesmart, creators of the world’s first smart connected luggage, is opening a software engineering development operation in Argentina and is looking to hire top-notch software engineers and other talents based in Buenos Aires. This team will work directly with the San Francisco team on the design and development of cutting-edge technologies and products that will touch the lives of thousands of travelers worldwide. Team members will travel often between Buenos Aires and San Francisco.

This is a unique opportunity to join as an early team member a high-potential Silicon Valley startup playing on a global arena and pushing the boundaries of hardware plus software technologies. The company has raised $11M in venture funding following one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns that raised $2.2M in pre-orders for its first product the Bluesmart Carry-on. The company was part of the prestigious accelerator Y Combinator and has been recognized by The New York Times, Forbes and Fast Company, while its product is featured on the MoMA Design Store in New York. Bluesmart was funded by Argentine entrepreneurs in the US and has offices in San Francisco as well as in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Open Positions:

You can apply here.

Bluesmart Selected for the MoMA Design Store Collection


We are extremely proud to announce that the Bluesmart Carry-on has been selected by the Design Committee of the MoMA Design Store (Museum of Modern Art) in New York to be included in its collection of design curated products. As part of the selection, our product is available for purchase in New York City exclusively at the MoMA Design Stores in Manhattan as well as through the MoMA Online Store.

When we started Bluesmart almost two years ago, one of the goals that we set for ourselves was to not only innovate with the most advanced technology but also to bring the highest design sensibility to the travel goods market. We felt that the luggage industry in general was not living up to the design expectations of today’s consumers. We believed that to achieve great design we needed to start by putting the user at the center of all our considerations. We put an enormous amount of hard work to be able to integrate all the highest technologies into the product in a way that the final result would be useful, simple and beautiful.

It is extremely rewarding to receive the endorsement of the MoMA Design Store, the ultimate authority in design curation, and to have our product share space with some of the most creatively designed products from around the world such as the Eames’ chairs and the Nelson’s clocks.

Chay Costello, Associate Director of Merchandising at the MoMA Design Store, said: “When we saw how many people supported Bluesmart luggage through crowdfunding, we knew we had to check it out. As people are increasingly multi-tasking, they look for objects in their lives to be multi-taskers as well. Our buying team travels frequently so we know firsthand how many details need to be juggled as we go from airport to hotel to meetings and beyond. Travel involves lots of moving parts, and a suitcase that helps streamline the process solves a problem and makes life better.”

This endorsement is a terrific reward for our team, and it only pushes us harder towards our goal of reinventing products that help people travel the world blending technological innovation with great design.

If you haven’t already, you can order your Bluesmart Carry-on right now at MoMA Online Store or you can find it at the MoMA Store locations in New York.

Is the Bluesmart Carry-on Size Approved by Airlines? Carry-on size limits and your Bluesmart Carry-on

Since we unveiled our product to the market, we have been asked several times whether the Bluesmart Carry-on’s size is approved by airlines to carry on board. We are happy to report that the answer is a resounding YES! The size of the Bluesmart carry-on is allowable under the cabin limits of most major US airlines and also around the world.

The dimensions of the Bluesmart Carry-on are:

Height: 22 inches
Width: 14 inches
Depth: 9 inches

And here you can check the limits of each airline in this link: http://www.ebags.com/BuyingGuides/luggage-and-travel/TSA-Luggage-Regulations#.VhMAO49Viko

Also, check out the Bluesmart Carry-on getting sized up for cabin allowability by a bunch of different airlines:


At Bluesmart, we are passionate travelers, and we designed the Bluesmart Carry-on based on our own needs. We totally hate being forced to check our bags, so we really wanted a carry-on that you can always surely carry on. That’s why we also included the weight sensor, a front pocket for easy access to electronics, and an app that checks allowability. We love breezing through security and going quickly to enjoy our trips. We know you do too.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach us out at support@bluesmart.com.

Bluesmart Goes to Zero G with NASA

At Bluesmart we are all about exploring new frontiers and tackling hard engineering challenges. This is exactly what our Co-founder and VP of Engineering Martin Diz did last week: he went to NASA to work on an experiment to test a Micro-Satellite Altitude Control System designed by him and a group of researchers at the University of Buffalo, New York. He and the device boarded a NASA reduced gravity aircraft and tested the device in zero gravity conditions. Yes, Bluesmart went to zero freaking gravity!


To be more technical, they tested the application of a carpal wrist joint to the momentum management and control of small satellites. Use of the wrist joint to articulate a reaction-control gyroscope should enable precision pointing of a small satellite on multiple axes. Pretty badass stuff.

This was part of a project that Martin participated in as part of his PhD program in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Buffalo. The project was selected by NASA initially to fly on Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, but after Virgin Galactic’s test flight accident, it was rescheduled for this new flying experiment. In addition to Martin’s team, teams from MIT and Stanford-JPL were testing experiments.

We are super proud that our Co-founder and VP of Engineering is an actual rocket scientist, and that in addition to building Bluesmart, he’s making a contribution to the development of space technology. Also, this gives us a lot of peace of mind: if he can create systems to control freaking satellites in space, he should be more than capable of designing systems to track luggage on Earth and beyond :). Go Martin go!

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Our Most Important Milestone So Far: We Started to Ship!

We have great news. Bluesmart has started shipping!!!

Yesterday we finished, quality-controlled, packed, and shipped the first hundred Bluesmart units!


This is the result of extraordinary effort from our team working alongside great manufacturing partners and suppliers.

We are shipping a great product that we feel confident will significantly enhance travelers’ experiences and will inspire them to travel more!

You are still on time to pre-order your Bluesmart and receive it in December, ahead of year-end holidays. Remember there is limited quantity available for remainder of 2015.


The Bluesmart Team